Saturday, 28 January 2012

Best Buy of the Week

We've done quite well this week with our "No Spend Days". Making the big change  to the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday pattern has worked & we'll stick to that for now. Takes some planning but in hindsight, it's exactly what we needed. Not being able to buy groceries all weekend means that we have to have our shopping done on Friday & planned out so we're good for the week, instead of just that day. Haven't tallied up the figures yet but will do that a bit later, as I'm still laying in my warm bed, with an unexpected day off, planning my ventures for the rest of this short day. Too cosy to get up!

Best buy of the week: TurboTax Software for $28 at Costco vs. $38 every where else. We always did our own taxes when we both worked & had simple deductions. Then for quite a while, we had an accountant, who was so reasonable but worth the money. We were both self-employed for the longest time & we needed her help. Now that we're back to working for others, doing our taxes is a mix of simple & complex deductions but we discovered TT about 6 years ago & so far, so good. The bonus is it includes 8 returns, so we can do our kids as well & that saves them precious dollars.

Paying $28 to do 6 tax returns is a pretty good deal. That's $4.66 each.

Our accountant would be so proud of us!!


  1. That's a great deal! Congrats!

  2. Great deal! :) I like how you have your no-spend days planned... That's a great idea!!