Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 2 ....

... of my blog & somehow, I have messed up!

Thank you & a warm welcome to my first follower, Sharon, who left two wonderful comments on my two posts. But in my attempt to welcome & respond, the system will not let me. I've tried signing in, signing off & signing away my first born child, but no response.

So until then, Sharon, here is my comments on your comments:

"Would you believe today, with the windchill, it is -46 at the moment? But I'm cozy warm in my office, after a warm commute in our warm car, driven by my warm husband, who didn't want me to brave the cold alone! He's a nice guy - I might keep him.

We live in sunny Alberta. Sunny, with a windchill!

When we come home from the gym we always have a snack but it's preplanned so we don't have to stop. I have a dear friend who stops at Booster Juice after every gym excursion. Booster Juice is beside a Mac's Convenience Store. Booster Juice in one hand & a "treat" in the other is her reward.


I'll stick to my pea pods & carrots!

Have a warm day.

Hopefully by my next post, I'll have figured out my error & comments will be smooth from here on in!


  1. Wow! my own personal post!! :)! I'm quite honored! :)!

  2. You're the star, Sharon!

    And for some reason, I can suddenly post comments. Made my day ... the little thiings are precious to me. :)