Monday, 16 January 2012

Learning, learning, learning ...

I've been reading blogs for the last two weeks that focus on families & individuals who are working towards a healthier financial future. It's been fascinating to see how others have figured out how to survive in this difficult economic time of our lives. Stories of frugal lifestyles, sharing of ideas & pleas for support have prompted me to create a blog to capture our financial chaos. I'm learning the terms, figuring out the "lingo" & deciding what approaches we may adopt. All around it's brought a new sense of excitement to bring back control to our lives, a sense of calm & more hope for our future.

Today, we had a planned "No Spend Day" that we were able to achieve, mainly because it's -82 outside!! Okay, so it's only -32 but after -30, who cares what the numbers really say. We planned our menu this week but had to make a change when we realized we didn't have two of the ingredients & that we had committed to a NSD. But thankfully we had filled the freezer on the weekend with chicken & salmon. We were able to make a quick switch & had a lovely baked salmon with green beans dinner. Mandarin orange slices & graham crackers for desert.

For now, we've decided to have "No Spend Days" on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

Ironically enough, the same days we go to the gym.

We'll have to make sure our driving route to the gym does not pass any tempting stores to "pop" in to on the way!


  1. okay, -32?? really?? Where do you live! That is really, really cold!!

    I like the idea of picking certain days for no spends! Just pack some snacks for the way home from the gym...I'm sure you'll be hungry! :)!

  2. In Canada. We're pretty hardy up here. Today, it's a balmy -20 & we're celebrating. Next week, we are promised +2, so the bikini's may come out of storage!!