Friday, 20 January 2012

Making a change ...

... to our plan to have "No Spend Days" on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

Yeah, that is so not gonna work!

So we're moving them to the "less likely to need to shop days" of Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays.


Because every Friday, we go to the thrift store & then head to Costco for groceries, stopping at the small grocery store on the way home for the little things you can't get at Costco. We are really good about only buying what we need. So many people complain that they walk in for milk & come out with $400 worth of stuff. If we go in for milk, we buy just milk. We may look but if we see something that is "wow", we come back, after going home & making sure it's something we really need or want & does it fit the budget. Many, many, many times we walk out of Costco without buying anything. The thrift store is like our little "treat" for working so hard all week. We sometimes walk out of there with empty hands too. But most times, it's a book for .50 cents or like last week, a small china plate for $2. We don't have to go but we both enjoying searching for antiques & have discovered our thrift store is amazing at pricing. We've pondered the idea of having a booth at the Antique Mall in the city & honestly, most of our stock would come from the thrift store because of the mark up we could do. And we feel good because all the money raised at the store is donated back to community organizations. Win win for all!

Tuesdays & Thursdays are my long work days so the chances of having to shop are greatly reduced, so we're switching to new days now for "No Spend Days" so we won't stress ourselves out!

Our children will be greatly relieved.

Thanks for listening!

Back to your regularly scheduled progamming.


  1. You can change it any way you want...your rules...sounds like this will be a better fit though.

    You can really walk out of Costco without buying anything??? :)!

  2. We can. But if I've snacked on a sample, I do feel guilty, so we changed our plan to make sure we shop first then snack & then if we don't buy anything, I don't feel like a criminal!

  3. I haven't nominated certain days for no spending yet, but should do. I'm usually at home on week-ends but go out most other days, which is dangerous for a trying-to-reform shopaholic! i love thrift stores too.

  4. Thrift stores are my addiction too! But I won't buy junk and I won't buy just for the sake of buying. I love the search and the thrill of finding something that is unique or just what we needed, for a very low cost so I don't feel guilty about buying!

    Our "No Spend Days" worked very well for the weekend and yesterday. Much easier since I switched days.