Friday, 17 February 2012

I love Fridays!

I work full time hours but get to decide when those hours are executed. I usually do a 12 hour day on Tuesdays and a 12 hour day on Thursdays, leaving me with 12 hours to use up as I need. I let myself sleep in on Fridays because I also teach on Saturdays for a full day. Friday is my "end of the week sleep in" before the big sleep on Sundays!

Friday is a day to catch up.

Catch up with housework.

Catch up with paperwork.

Catch up the shopping.

Catch my breath from the busyness of the week.

A day to hang out at my centre, meet new families who are looking for programs and check out the charity shop once my dh comes home early from work. It's our Friday ritual and we have no expectations of buying anything. Just a look around for treasures if we find any.

Today, I'm heading over to meet with my administrator. We're finishing up the T4's for my staff, mailing the charitable receipts for our donors and working on the spreadsheets for our current families and our new families coming on board for the fall. I'll be there well before she can arrive today and my hope is to tackle the two storage rooms that have become the place to store the things we still need but don't need today. They are messy and not orderly.

I hate disorder!

Right now I have four rooms that are in slight disorder. The two at the centre. And two at home: my scrapbooking/sewing/guest room and our future library/office/den. The first is all renovated but stuffed full of the items from the second room, which is almost ready for painting and the new wood floor to be installed. Once that is done, everything will be moved back in and viola, two restored, renovated, decluttered, orderly spaces for me to relax in, to craft, to do our paperwork. I can't wait!!

Re-working our financials today as well. Started a series of new spreadsheets to track our progress. One for our spending, one for paying down our car loan, one for our savings goals and one I still need to finish up that will track the progress of our mortgage paydown. Because we pay weekly for everything, I love to see how quickly the numbers decrease (or increase for our savings).

I should have been an accountant.

I'm such a numbers geek!

Back to why I love Fridays. It's a day to be on my own, to tidy my life, to shop for me or for those I love vs. just the groceries or the necessities, a day to take care of me. I love waking up when I'm ready and spending time, snuggled in the coziness, figuring out the best way to fill the day. I love this "me" time, without a moment of feeling guilty. After 26 years of raising our children, I am cherishing this precious time that I know I have earned and loving every moment. Well worth the sacrifice and hard work that went into my parenting. I'm still parenting but on a much smaller scale. And it's much less stressful at this end.

Happy Friday everyone!

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