Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat!


Blogs, blogs, blogs. I'm still trying to get used to wearing reading glasses & suddenly books, with their small print, have not interested me as much as blogs. So for now, I am content reading the real lives of others vs. made up stories that aren't always authentic.


We did watch the Oscar & now the tv is on, low volume, but we really not watching anything. Reading blogs, writing letters, while my husband rehearses his lines for a new play he has been cast in.

Listening to?

The wind howing outside. We've had a blizzard for the last 4 days & every once in a while, the wind picks up. Thankfully, today, the sun was out. We finally have snow for the winter but it will probably melt by the weekend again as temps are supposed to rise to above 0 again.

Oh yeah, slush & mud on my nice clean car ...


We made a big pot of homemade chili today. Love the leftovers that taste even better on day 2 & day 3, if it makes it that far!

Happy you accomplished this week?

The blizzard forced us to stay home today & that translated into the following:
  • the dining room hutch was cleared out, dusted & all the china has a nice wipe down.
  • all the wine glasses we own were gathered, washed, sorted, the ones we no longer want donated & the ones we want to keep arranged in the hutch, instead of back in the kitchen cupboard where they become dusty so quickly.
  • the linen drawer was cleared out, dusted, items divided into donate or keep & put back together.
  • the cupboard where we keep our daily dishes was cleared out, items divided into donate or keep & put back together.
  • the medicine cupboard was cleared out, items divided into keep or bagged to take to the pharmacy for safe disposal & then put back together.
  • the pots & pan cupboard was cleared out, items divided into donate or keep & put back together.
  • the drawer were we keep the foil wrap & parchment paper was cleared out & put back together. Discovered it's the right size to also hold our blue bags for recycling & the white bags for the trash that cannot be recycled or composted.
  • the shelves that hold our nicknacks & cookbooks built into the wall was cleared out & items divided into donate or keep. What a difference this made! I moved my teapot collection from the dining room hutch, the dining room table & the sideboard to this area. So much more room now in the other spaces & my teapots are now all together, instead of scattered about.
More to do but I ran out of time & energy. The box for donations is now overflowing & I well surpassed the "29 Items to be sold, donated or trashed"  challenge set out by the wonderful Carla from

Looking forward to next week?
That I have the next three days off work. I had some extra hours that had accumulated & ended up adding up to three whole days. I'm going to continue to do the February Challenge & work on an early spring cleaning inside the house. Grocery shopping is done, clothes shopping done now until spring, bills are paid, gas in the cars, nothing outstanding that needs to be tackled for now, except for finishing up the T4's for the family centre we run - just need to fill in the forms on line, make copies, scan & send to our 2 employees & then mail the documents in. Really looking forward to getting my house back in to a better order & with less "stuff" that is not needd & taking up valuable space.
Thankful for today?
A day off from other expectations, giving a chance to tackle the things I want to accomplish around the house. We've spent so much time doing raising kids, tackling post-secondary education for ourselves, being immersed & very involved in the arts community, maintaining our family centre, creating our careers & volunteering in our community, & our house hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. But we're getting back on track now to get the renovations done so we can enjoy the newness of everything before we eventually put it up for sale. I love this house but love it even better when everything is back in it's place!


  1. Holy Cow you got a lot done this week!!! Congrats on all the decluttering I am so glad I joined in, the house feels much better now that it is free of uneeded stuff.

  2. I couldn't wait to wake up today so I could do more. And charged up my camera battery so I could take pictures this time. My daughter even brought up some empthy boxes from the storage room so I could get rid of more! I love it when family joins in. I so agree with you that the house feels better when the stuff that just sits is gone.