Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Treasure Hunting!

We had a great time at the Antique Mall yesterday. Went in with a $20 budget & stuck to it. And here's our two new treasures for the house:

I've always wanted an Etched Mirror. Both my gramma's had one in their homes when I was growing up but I remember them being chipped & tarnished. I look often at the Antique Mall & the thrift store we frequent. They are usually in the same shape as the ones my gramma's had, bigger & pretty beat up. And often range from $30 to $130.

But on Monday, we walked in the door & immediately  my eye went up to the display case at the front door. And there was this beautiful, in perfect condition Etched Mirror, for the incredible price of just $15. Perfect for my budget!!

We still had $5 left & came across this unique plate shelf in a cream color. Again, perfect condition & so perfect for our house.

Now I need to figure out where to hang all our new finds. We've been collecting artwork & things to hang on our newly painted walls but haven't had time to actually hang everything up. I have now vowed to stop looking to fill our walls until we hang all the items stashed away. Fun times coming up in our house, trying to line up artwork without killing each other!!


  1. Great finds! My Mum and Dad had an etched mirror too and I got rid of it when they died. I was 26 and didn't want "old stuff". Silly me!

  2. Ah, the things we learn as we grow. I used to not like going to my gramma's when I was little because the furniture was "dark" & "scary". And guess where many pieces of her furniture ended up? In my house!! And I love every piece & feel honored I was chosen as the family member to love her stuff.