Sunday, 5 February 2012

Trying to catch up ...

Still not feeling well.

Thought of many things I could write about this week, as I lay on my bed, on the couch, on the floor, on my desk ...

Still hurt from head to toe but now my new symptom is complete and utter nausea.


I almost wish I could be sick just so the feeling would go away.

I ventured into the city for 4 hours of work on Wednesday, managed to do pretty good but woke up on Thursday worse than Tuesday.

Unfortunately, Thursday is my big day, usually 12 hours in total, but I was way too ill to do a full day. Thankfully, I have an amazing crew and knew everyone would cover. I was able to get in for 2ish and with the help of my practicum student, we got the class set for the evening. It went well, everyone attended, the activities went well, smiling faces when we left at 9ish.

Home to bed, where I stayed until late the next morning.

Spent a few hours with my admininstrator at our centre here in the county and then headed home again. Planned to stay home and rest so I'd be good for the weekend but ended up going with Kent to his tv shoot. It was fun but totally exhausted me. Stayed in bed on Saturday until noon, had a long bath, then we headed out, slowly to manage my pain and my stamina. Although it was a No Spend Day, we hadn't spent on other days so we did it all in one day. We made 4 stops: Chapters for 4 journals for the centre for a preschool project ($46.16), thrift store ($0), Costco ($161.06) and Safeway ($55.21).

Underbudget in every transaction.

Came home to clean out the fridge, composted, recycled, made packets of food to be frozen, did 2 loads of laundry and tidied the house. I was then tucked in to bed by 5 p.m. with my soft jammies, ginger ale and my laptop. I wrote 5 modules for 2 new facilitators and sent those off for completion, then spent the rest of the night reading blogs, writing a letter and responding to emails. Kent brought me a lovely hot meal and then he cleaned the kitchen and joined me for a lazy evening of tv.

Today we are visiting with our son for a bit this morning and then off to our theatre group for the afternoon. We have one purchase to make that  we couldn't do yesterday: stretched canvases for the preschool program for this week. They are being displayed next weekend at our annual art show so we have to get them done so I can show our teacher the techniques I usually teach the kids. Can't wait to see the finished projects!

I'm off to soak this aching body. And hoping this flu is on its way out the door. :)


  1. Hope you feel better soon! I'm surprised you even ventured out...

    LOVE how you put your "Briarpatch Family" on the header!

  2. Thank you Sharon. As bad as I felt, I think I also had to get out of the house for some fresh air, especially with our warm temps right now.

    Had fun with the stick people. Couldn't put our pups up ~ it was getting way too crowded!

    Hope you had a nice, warm day.