Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Feeling a little Springy!

The sun is out, after days of snow, sleet, rain & fog. Melting away, creating puddles & mud but at least the pavement is visible again & I can have my sun roof open!

Recent charity shop treasures:

Small Boyd's Bear. I already have the matching boy bear wearing little green overalls. So cute together.

Cost me an entire .75 cents.

A small china basket, perfect for little Easter eggies!

This started out at $1 but blue tags were half price, so in the end, cost me exactly .50 cents.

Bag of Easter eggs for decorating. My plan is to put them in 6 small plants pots, with ribbons tied around the front. I "color~coded" my kids when they were small. We called it their "family color".
Pink, blue, green, yellow, orange & purple. So much easier when it came time for things like Easter Egg Hunts.

Rule #1: you are only allowed to put the eggs in your Easter basket that match your "family color". Worked very well!!

This little bag of eggs will now become my creation of 6 little plants pots with my kids "family colors" to signify each of them.

A bargain at .25 cents.

As a new gramma, I couldn't resist this cute little plate. I have the perfect spot for it, once the library is all reno'd.

This plate was not on sale but I was quite happy with the $1 pricetag. Well within my budget.

My favorite spring colors are pink & green. What are yours? Hop over to Carla's blog for a great giveway & to answer this very springy question! You just might be the lucky winner!!


  1. Aww...these are all such sweet finds! Love the little plate! :)

  2. Thanks Carla. It's a sweet little plate. Can't wait for my room to be done so I can hang it up with the other "treasures" that are sitting & waiting for placement!