Friday, 2 March 2012

Goals for March 2012

Our goals for March include paying down our debt:

  • Mortgage - $775
  • Car - $675
  • Roof - $625

That's a total of $2,075 towards our debt for the month.

Our second goal: putting at least $1,000 into our Joint Savings Account. We need to have a discussion on how much we should be contributing to our Individual Tax Free Savings Accounts. This is money we don't really want to touch unless we decide to put it towards paying down our mortgage faster or use towards our retirement plan, which does include real estate purchases, instead of just RRSP's. The money is not locked in but I don't want to be moving money back & forth, which is why we have our JSA. We also need to decide if we are going to actually replace our kitchen this year, once the other reno's are finished. It would truly be the last thing to do & then our house would be completely reno'd from top to bottom. But then we would have to decide if we're staying or going.


Don't want to have to go there just yet. Probably subconsciously why we keep putting off the kitchen decision.

Other goals include:
  • continuing our "No Spend Days"
  • sending in our taxes for assessment & refund
  • purging 31 items from our home to be donated
  • deciding whether to ditch our home phone land line
  • planning our May holiday, including our son's wedding
  • deciding on a health care plan to buy into instead of just using Kent's health spending account
All goals I'm pretty confident we can achieve over the next 30 days!

What are your goals this month? Can you do better than ours? I challenge you to try!!

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