Friday, 30 March 2012

Putting life in order!

I love days like today, when I have a bit of extra energy & I can put life back into an order that feels so good. Here's what my day has looked like so far:

  • Sorted the bills.
  • Paid the bills for the next month.
  • Updated spreadsheets.
  • Made piles of the loose paper.
  • Sorted, filed, shredded & dealt with the things that needed attention.
  • Made phone calls, answered emails & made future plans.
  • Gathered, sorted & started the laundry.
  • Put donations into a box & sorted the recycling.
  • Swept the deck & vacuumed the front step rug.
  • Cleaned the kitchen, swept the house & washed the floors.
The things I still need to do before I go to bed tonight:

  • Finish the laundry & put everything away.
  • Revamp a PowerPoint for a co-worker who is away.
  • Go to the newspaper & hand in my freelancer contract - yeah!
  • Head to the library to return a book & hang a poster of our workshop.
  • Take the donations to the charity shop & do some shopping of our own.
  • Go with my daughter to get our eyebrows waxed - a last minute change for today.
  • Shop to order cakes for our theatre production, flowers for opening night & little gifts for the cast & crew - a tradition that is a small budget expense but fun to give to say "thank you for helping us pull this huge production off each spring"!
Busy weekend ahead with groceries to buy, costumes to iron, make up to sort for each of us into our own bags, three rehearsals for two different productions, one dinner out with my guy, just us & time with our family before we spend the rest of the week literally live at the theatre!

Enjoy your weekend. Financial totals to be added up some time this weekend & shared. Fingers crossed we did as well as we think we did this month.


  1. Wow, that's more in one day than I do in a month! How on earth do you have so much energy with six kids? I only have three and I'm always exhausted.

    Congrats on getting so much done. Even if you do nothing else today, you can pat yourself on the back for getting a lot accomplished.

    1. Thanks Chelle. It's easier now at this time in our lives because they are older & often help out too. Not always, but often!

  2. I just love days like that!! Well done! For some reason I'm simply exhausted today! Can't wait till bed time! lol!

    1. I think the time change really messes us up every year. It seems to take weeks to feel rested again, all because of a one hour change of time. I know that in the winter, we also tend to go to bed a bit earlier because it's dark & let ourselves sleep in on weekends. But then as we get close to spring, we start to get busy, busy, busy & then we're tired! And then summer comes & we're back to a more relaxed life again.

  3. Wow you had a kicking day for sure!! Good luck next week

    1. Thanks Debby. Can't wait to get the last few things done today & then we can enjoy our theatre week. Enjoy your day!

  4. What a great productivce day!

    1. It was. Yesterday was pretty good & my list today is long but manageable. Then we're ready for a week of fun!