Tuesday, 20 March 2012


After several attempts to have the leader of our fine province come out to see the work we do, at her request, after moving the date several times to accommodate her schedule, after making sure we had all staff, who have wonky schedules & aren't always in the building at the same time be here together, after polishing the floors & shining the water decanter, after sweeping the steps & making sure our shiny, freshly washed cars were all lined up outside, with space set aside for her shiny limo, after giving up our lunch so we could be all ready (can you hear my stomach protesting the lack of food?), after another last minute change necessitated moving the 2 hour visit this morning to a 30 minute stop this afternoon, she is now late & clearly not showing up ....

Sad really, when we are just weeks away from a provincial election & her job is on the line!

And I even wore makeup today ...


  1. Nope! So the joke at the end of the day is that once a new date is chosen, by her, that I'll need to come to work that day, all dressed up with beautiful make up on & hope that she'll be able to come that day. My staff knows how much I hate wearing make up!! But next time, I'll be smart & plan a night out with Kent, so that at least if she doesn't show again, I can at least enjoy the beautiful face, be wined & dined & oogled all night!!

  2. Apparantly she was called in to an "emergency meeting" which sounds like it was either the meeting regarding the Education Bill or the meeting about the money 21 MLA's accepted for sitting on a board that never met .... can't wait for the election!!

  3. Reminds me of that Deanna Carter song "Did I shave my legs for this?"

  4. Thank you for the giggle Jolie. I actually not only wore make up & dressed up, I did in fact, shave my legs too!! Her staff has promised she will be coming to visit soon. I'm not holding my breath because she is expected to call an election on Monday & once the writ goes down, they are in "vote for me" mode & often appointments get set aside.

    Sigh ....