Friday, 27 April 2012

Rainy Days

I'm not sure why but rainy days are so comforting to me.

It was sunny on Earth Day & since then, it's been cold & rainy.

But I'm loving it!

I love the sound on the roof, the puddles that form, the green that becomes more vibrant every hour, cozy beds to fall into at the end of the day, afternoon naps with "warmed in the dryer" blankets before meetings, tea with my favorite raspberry & white chocolate scones & lots of hot baths to soak in.

I find I'm more creative on these days. I write a lot, dream & plan.

Looking forward to the sun that is supposed to reappear next week. But for today, I'll cherish this cozy environment that has been given to me & creating opportunities to slow down & pamper myself.


  1. I agree that a rainy day here & there is good for the soul! I always seem to get a lot accomplished on rainy days! And if not, I read & relax which is just as good!! ;)

  2. Sounds like my rainy days too! Thanks Carla. Enjoy your weekend. :)