Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat!

Reading ... Quentin's by Maeve Binchy. Purchased from our local thrift store, in perfect condition, for .10 cents. A bargain, considering the original price was $24.95.

Watching ... a show my husband was watching, but now he's soundly sleeping & the TV is still "talking".


Listening to ... the rain has started again & the wind is whipping up. We had a lovely warm evening, with no wind & sunny skies, after 4 days of wind & rain. It was a nice break but now it's back!

Cooking/Baking ... nothing at the moment. Made a huge salad today with organic greens, feta cheese, almonds, cranberries & dressing. Out for dinner with 2 dear friends. Not sure what my crew had but I enjoyed this "once a year tradition" with spinach dip with cheese as an appetiser (free!), broccoli/cheese soup, then a main course of Lemon Shrimp Pasta, which I had to bring home because by then, I was way too cold!

Happy you accomplished ... organised our receipts for reimbursement, did 2 loads of laundry, washed the floors, unpacked from our trip, shopped then wrapped 2 gifts for dinner tonight, wrote a column for the newspaper, did a session of yoga & meditated with Kent.

Looking forward to next week ... my last 2 classes to teach then a long break until September! We end this time with parties to wish everyone well on their continued journey.

Thankful for today ... that Kent & I were at odds for a bit but got back on track. Sometimes, we're just not on the same page but I love this time in our life where it takes just a few minutes or the right word to bring us back. When we were much younger, it would take forever to get here but now, we've got it nailed down to an efficient science!

Best buy over the last month? We found an amazing tea pot but the price was uncomfortable for our budget at the moment at $54.95. However, the very next day, we were at a thrift store. I was down one aisle, Kent down another & suddenly he called me over to where he was. And there on the shelf was the same tea pot. We were thrilled to see it was in perfect condition, with the packing tissues still inside, which means no one even used it. Best part? It was $1. Yes, $1. Grabbed it, paid & ran!! Love it. :)


  1. That is pure fate that you found the teapot for $1.00!!! Amazing! A little reward for being a good steward of your money!! :)

  2. It's been cold wet and windy here too and I've been curled up on the couch with my knitting, watching multiple episodes of 'Revenge' and 'Once upon a time'.