Sunday, 29 April 2012

GBU for Sunday

Borrowed from Mysti ....

The Good:
  • We ended the month with money in the bank! Kent is on a base plus commission salary structure, so we have always budgeted using the lowest it can be, so when he gets great cheques, like the 2 this month, it's extra money for us! Haven't decided yet but most likely it will all go towards our vacation account. The paydowns are on track & doing well, so no need at this time to throw the money there. We'll treat ourselves instead.
  • I've been asked to join the production Kent is in for May, as the ASM - Assistant Stage Manager. Which means I get to spend those nights at the theatre with my lovey, instead of being home alone!
  • Our vacation is just 21 days away. The "To Do List" is long but "manageable" according to my guy.
  • I can breathe today! My lungs are clearer than they were 4 weeks ago & I finally have some energy.
The Bad:
  • I did not have bronchitis, as first diagnosed. In fact, it was pneumonia. No wonder I was feeling so lousy!! But new drugs are making it better already.
  • I spent $80 on a set of 80 Cherished Teddies on kijiji. Most are great, a few are faded. It's a good deal but now I have to decide which ones get stored for our Antique Mall booth for sale & which ones go into Kinlee's growing collection. Not my best move but it was extra money. And she'll be thrilled to see new teddies that she's not seen before. Some of them are quite unique, ones I didn't even know about.
  • I was asked to join the production Kent is in for May, as the ASM - Assistant Stage Manager. Which means I will have less time to get ready for our vacation!! What was I thinking!!!!
  • We got word from the Antique Mall that the list of future vendors is very long. We may not be sellers this year but will hold on to our spot on the list & hope for the best. A dream set aside for now but not dashed forever.
The Ugly:
  • Our son is getting married on May 23rd. Just a private ceremony between the 2 of them. I'm crushed beyond belief, even though we'll be celebrating before he goes & again when they come back. But still, a momma should be there. I've stayed silent but keep bursting in to tears for the smallest things. Hate this, but thankful for a husband who feels like me & keeps hugging me!
  • All this laying around to get better has created quite a flabby body. Between our last theatre production at the beginning of April & then coming down with pneumonia, going to the gym 4 times a week has not happened. Yuck!
How was your week?

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