Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Challenge ... or Two!

I've decided to try the February Challenge that Carla, from "Half Dozen Daily" has offered. Signed up & ready to go. Here's all the details: Have you joined in yet? You haven't?? What's holding you back? Come on, join the party!!

I'm going to do all the areas she's set up as challenges. We purged our house in December, donating 40 boxes of items we no longer use but were still usable & 20 bags of clothes. But there's still some things that could go & I'm determined to get rid of many of the clothes I still have. The 20 bags of clothes was mostly kids clothes. Kent & I peeked in our closets & grabbed a couple of items to add to the pile but we really didn't do a purge. And we're planning to redo our kitchen, so emptying the cupboards more than we did in December will be quite therapeutic!

To date, we haven't actually put our financial goals down on paper so that will be the next challenge we tackle. We have some ideas but there not set in stone which means we're not commited to them ... just yet.

I am not crazy about January & February. Cold, dark, uninspiring months. But January has zipped by & other than one deep freeze for a week, it's been mild & slushy & tons of sun. And February will be filled with events & this challenge, so life is looking up!


  1. Wow!! You've done a tonne do Decluttering! Inspiring!! I hope to get lots done in February too! Thanks for joining!! I've subscribed via RSS to your blog & will add you to my Challenge blog roll as well! :)

  2. I'm joining you in Carla's challenges too.You've done really well in your decluttering so far!

  3. Carla: we really needed to do a good declutter. We often do bits & bobs along the way but a deep clear out was long overdue. The funny thing is, if you look around my house, it looks so tidy, with everything in it's place. It's when you go to the storage room, or open a closet or cupboard that it looks like we have way more than we need. But everything is neat, just a ton of it! Tackling a cupboard today. Might go over the 29 item suggestion! Thanks for adding me to the challenge. I'm excited. :)

    Sammyleia & Laura: Thanks for your encouragement. Should be good & already feels good to know there is a plan in place & someone to answer to on my progress!