Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Charity Shop Treasures

One way we save money is to shop at our local charity shop. We live in quite an affluent community, so the stuff people donate to the store is incredible. Especially clothes. We buy a lot of clothes there. Last week, I scored a GAP hoodie, tags still on, for $2. So soft & warm, perfect during a blizzard!

Here's a few items we picked up on that same shopping trip:

A set of winter themes, all petit point. Love the small details, like gold & sparkly threads. For all three, we paid the amazing sum of $1.50.

Made in England, this piece of china could be a vase ... a place to put my pretty floral pens ... a candy cane holder at Christmas ... or the perfect spot for loose change! The price? A very reasonable $1.

Also from England, I loved this delicate plate & immediately imagined using it for cookies when we have tea on a cold winter's night. I'm planning to change out the ribbon as this one is no longer soft but quite stiff & frayed. And we paid just .50 cents for this gem. All these precious teasures for a grand total of $5. Our budget was $20, leaving us with $15 for another shopping day!


  1. I just visited my first consignment sale and I think I'm pretty much hooked! Buying kids clothes that they will grow out of in a month just drives me nuts! I'll definitely have to check out Goodwill and other local thrift shops to see what else they might have. Your treasures look great!

  2. I love hunting for treasure in charity shops too. You never know what you can find! I had a look in a few a couple of weeks ago and couldn't find anything I wanted, but some days you have luck and some you don't - that's why it's such fun! :)