Monday, 13 February 2012

A Raise!!

I knew it was coming at some point in 2012 but did not know that it would come this early on the first pay for February. I'm now at the top of the grid, the only employee at the very top, except for our director. And I'm not allowed to tell anyone that.


Everyone else is at the bottom of the grid but I've been there the longest and graduated from my post-secondary journey just over 18 months ago. In 18 months, my income has increased by over $18,000.

Now, what to do with the extra money each month.

So many choices. 

Pay down the car. 

Pay down the mortgage.

Put the extra into our savings.


This could be fun deciding ....


  1. Congrats! I have the same choices for the extra cash coming into our accounts this month...

    We are concentrating on car and savings....

  2. CONGRATS!!!!! Such fun planning where to put the extra $$, I know you are super excited.

  3. So excited, until I got a lovely rock chip on my "not a mark on it" new vehicle this morning .... sigh! But it's a small chip so the first $20 of my new raise will go to that repair.

    Thinking for now, we'll put an extra $75 a week towards our car payment, bumping it up to $200 a week and the other $25 into our savings, bumping that up to $150 a week. Quick calculation, if all goes well, shows me that we'll reduce the length of our car loan from 4 years to 2.5 years. Bonus!