Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat ....


An old Martha Stewart magazine from May 2008. Looking for spring ideas & a couple of recipes to take along on our holiday, when we have time to cook gourmet meals for just the two of us!


Oprah's interview of Lady GaGa, a favorite of mine. Love that GaGa still stays with her mom & dad when she's in New York, in the bedroom she grew up in.

Listening to?

The wind outside & the noise our grandbaby contributes to the house.


Nothing but we just devoured two freshly baked cupcakes from Crave. I had lemon lime icing on a vanilla cupcake & Kent had vanilla icing on a red velvet cupcake. Just for us. No kids or grandkids particiated in this activity ....

Happy you accomplished this week?

Filing, organizing, shredding at both my offices & delivering a great workshop on the weekend. A great meeting with a couple who have lost several babies & have asked me to be at their birth as their doula. Also standing up to a very tough lady today who won't take no for an answer. I may be a good head shorter than her but my might is just as strong!

Looking forward to next week?

Playing with a sweet baby tomorrow afternoon. A new program to launch tomorrow night. Gym dates with Kent. Watching my hyacinth's bloom. Transferring some funds to the trip savings & making plans for our holiday. I have mixed feelings about meeting with the Premier this week but also looking forward to showing her the work we do in the community.

Thankful for today?

That we could sleep in for a bit to make up for all the early days last week. A fun trek to the Antique Mall. A great rehearsal. An incredible crock pot dinner waiting for us when we came home. Chatting with a new friend on Facebook, making plans for a lunch together.

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